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Patsy A. Brice

Patsy A. Brice's Bio:

Hi, I'm Patsy A. Brice. A 35 year old man who likes puzzles, hiking, and blogs. I am creative and stable, but I can also be very unreliable and a bit mean. I am an American Christian. Recently received a business degree. And I also have a degree in physical fitness. I work in the coolest company Physically, I'm in pretty good shape. I am of medium height with olive skin, black hair and green eyes. . I grew up in a work area. He was raised in a happy family home with two loving parents. I am currently married to Jessica. Jessica is older than me and works as an electrician. I have two children with my wife Julia: Milan at the age of 0 years and Chloe at the age of 4 years. My best friend is a CEO named Franklin Bob. We get along well most of the time. He also talks to Alexander and Casey. We enjoy football together. I am very good at technology. My father taught me this since childhood. I was always capable of technology. At school, I assembled the designer the fastest. Therefore, when I began to choose where to go to work, I certainly went to computer. And since I got a degree in business, I will soon have my own business. Now processors and video cards are taking my time. I have already reached the knowledge that I can pick up for you everything you need. And you will be pleased with the choice. When planning to build a new PC or upgrade an old one, decide on the budget first. Count the amount that you have on hand, add a certain reserve to it, which you, if necessary, are ready to add, and then look at which central processor models fit into this budget. Clearly recognize that you are choosing these particular models, and it is their characteristics that are important to you. What happens and who leads in segments higher or lower than your budget does not concern you. It is important for you only how much productivity you will get now, for the available money. The processor does not have such a feature or function that would or would not allow it to run games (although the parents of some buyers would gladly pay for it). He has a performance that may be enough or not enough for a comfortable game. The division into game and nongame models is nothing more than artificial marketing. Moreover, the separation is very strange and often does not correspond to the real capabilities of the CPU. Whatever goals you set for the future PC - whether it will be a gaming system, workstation or the main element of a home multimedia system - be guided by the simplest parameter: how much processor performance is sufficient for these tasks. The task of any opener is not to help you choose the right processor, but to "plug in" the device newer and more expensive, preferably complete with a motherboard and memory. See the clamshell - step aside and don’t listen. Otherwise, it will be more expensive for yourself. The free factor is a useful parameter, but not for everyone. Whether you need it or not, it depends on the situation, and no definite recommendations can be made here. As for the frequency - use this parameter with caution. It is important only if all other parameters are the same. You should not be afraid of the integrated graphics - this is a great bonus, which will also soon become the standard for all platforms except for LGA 2011-3 and possibly its descendants. The built-in core can be very useful in some cases or even save you the trouble of buying a discrete graphics card. But you should not chase after it: processors without integrated graphics can also have many advantages. After spending a couple of evenings reading and comparing information from different ones, you will make an informed choice and save yourself from many problems in the future. Believe me, it’s more than worth it.
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